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Featured Articles

Attorney Christopher Lavery has been featured and quoted in numerous articles related to immigration matters throughout the years. Some of the articles throughout his years of practice are linked below:

The Boston Globe, John Cunningham - Attorney Chris Lavery's representation of a detained Irish man for an overstay of his visa and input as to the consequences of the Visa Waiver Program to immigrants who over stay.

The Boston Globe, Southie Doctors - Attorney Chris Lavery weighs in on the common practice used by prosecutors in criminal matters relating to immigrants, in this 2017 article.

The Patriot Ledger - Attorney Chris Lavery is quoted in this 2013 article regarding the undocumented Irish population in Boston.

Irish Echo Top 40 Under 40 - In 2011, Attorney Chris Lavery was honored by the Irish Echo in the feature "Top 40 Under 40" for that year for his work with the immigrant community.

Irish Central - In 2010, 80 year old Bridie Murphy, a lawful permanent resident in the United States for over 60 years, was stripped of her LPR card upon reentry through Boston's Logan Airport. Attorney Chris Lavery is quoted in this article and went on to represent Ms. Murphy pro bono in the matter. - In 2009, Attorney Chris Lavery was quoted in an article about a Irish Immigrants making their way to the United States.

Milford Daily News - In 2007, Attorney Chris Lavery was honored with the Solas Award for his work with immigrants, including pro bono work, for petitions and court proceedings.

Wicked Local - In 2007, Attorney Chris Lavery and his then partner Attorney Jane Chiang were honored for assisting the Irish Immigrant community with free legal advice pertaining to immigration matters.